Shopping in Yongsan Electronics Market

If you want to buy variety of electronics and IT products while visiting Seoul, Yongsan electronics market is the place not to miss.

The easiest way to go to Yongsan electronics market is to take a subway. Take the subway Line 1 and get off at Yongsan station. For a convenient subway map, click here.

When you get out of the station, go to the exit 3. You will see I’park Mall right in front of you.

I’Park Mall (아이파크몰)

Connected to Yongsan Station, I’PARK MALL is conveniently accessible. The best feature of I’PARK MALL is its facilities consisting of a multiplex theater, shopping mall and food courts.

The electronics shops are located on the 3, 4, 5, 8 floors. On the 3rd floor, which is connected to Yongsan Station, are products such as MP3s, digital cameras and small household appliances.

The 4th floor sells mid-sized household appliances and the 5th floor offers notebooks and computers. The 8th floor, one of the most crowded floors, sells cellular phones.

Along with the digital electronics mall, the I’PARK Department Store is located across the street, with the Living Shopping Mall and Leports Shopping Mall providing a wide variety of shopping. The multiplex theater has 11 theaters and has a food court.

– Business Hours: 10:30 a.m.~ 8 p.m. (extended business hours on weekends)
– Closed for business on Mondays, which is posted on the homepage.
(Source: Korean Tourism Organization)

This blog post has a good description and photos of I’park Mall.

I’Park Mall is just one of the malls in Yongsan Electronics Market. If you run short of time, you may complete your shopping there. But if you need more variety of products and prices, you are advised to check other malls, too.

If want to visit other malls, turn right while standing in front of I’Park mall. Go straight following the yellow line on the floor.

At the end of the floor, turn right again and walk some more then you find an entrance of a passge connecting to the 3rd floor of Yongsan Terminal Mall.

Yongsan Terminal Mall (터미널전자상가) (A in the map below)

Many shoppers enter the Yongsan Terminal Mall through the connection between Yongsan Terminal Mall and I’PARK MALL. As soon as you leave Yongsan Station or I’PARK MALL through the 3rd floor entrance, just follow the crowd of people and you’ll reach the connecting entrance to the 3rd floor of Yongsan Terminal Mall.

The Terminal shops mostly sell computer related products. The 1st floor hardly has any stores, so not many customers are found there. Most stores are located from the 2nd floor to the 4th floor. Almost every product that is computer related can be found at this mall, as well as many cellular phone products sold on the 2nd and 3rd floors. (source: Korea Tourism Organization)

Some stores, not every one, in the mall have some bad reputation for ripping off customers. I also have an experience of paying too much for a short-wave radio in the mall, although it was long years ago. This place is not very recommendable.

Najin Electro World (sections 12 and 13) 나진상가 (B in the map above)

In the 2nd floor of the Yongsan Terminal Mall, you wil find an entrance of passage. The passage connects to the center of Yongsan Electronics market area.

A building near to the exit of the passage is Najin Electro World’s sections 12 and 13. Stores in the building deal with cellular phones, digital cameras, and games software and hardware.

If you like video games, check the 1st floor of this building. There are many stores selling Xbox, playstation and related game CDs.

Seonin Mall (section 21) 선인상가 21동 (C in the map above)

Seonin Mall is most definitely the computer specialty mall, selling computer related products at bargain prices. You can purchase any computer parts here.

However, Seonin Mall does not sell products through displays like other large malls. If you want to purchase something at Seonin Mall, you must know the product information beforehand. In other words, Seonin Mall’s goal is to sell, therefore don’t expect to do much window-shopping or product testing. (The problem with this advice is that there is no online shopping mall or prices comparison site in English in Korea that will allow foreigners to find prices beforehand. The most widely used price comparison site for digital products is danawa but it’s only in Korean language. If you have a friend who reads Korean, this is the site you should ask him/her to browse for you.)

However, for this very reason, prices are at their best. The first floor sells computer desks, printer paper, and other computer related products. The second and third floor is like a computer-parts factory, where you can purchase a complete computer or any of its parts.

When you look around at Seonin Mall, you can practically make a computer by hand since Seonin Mall sells every kind of computer part.

[Another way to go to the Seonin Mall]

Get off at Shinyongsan Station on Subway Line No.4, and walk in the direction of Yongsan Electronics Mall Complex and go through the underground pass. To your right is where Seonin Mall is located. Both sides of the entrance are lined with people selling blank CDs and DVDs, so it won’t be difficult to find.
– Business Hours: 10 a.m.~ 8 p.m.
– Holidays: 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month
(Source: Korea Tourism Organization)

This blog post by a foreigner living in Korea will give you an idea of what it’s like shopping in Seonin Mall.

Seonin Mall is more or less a place for computer-savvy people who can tell one computer parts from others. If you are not like that, you should check Electro Land instead.

ET Land 전자랜드 (D in the map above)

ET Land offers the most variety of products among the malls in Yongsan Electronics market.

In the 1st floor, you can find home appliances, celluar phones and office appliances. The 2nd floor has many digital camera and camcoder stores and sound system stores. The 3rd floor has computers and PC accessories stores. The 4th floor has video game hardware and game titles stores. There are also mutiplex theater in 4th and 5th floor. The 6th floor has restaurants.

ET land may not offer the best bargain compared to Najin or Seonin Malls, but it definitely is one of the most convenient places to buy all kinds of electronics as they have all of them in a single building.

Final words. As you can see, this information is just a short sketch of Yongsan Electronics market. Any malls or stores missing in this post are not necessarily bad ones. If you have much time to spend, explore the place as long as you want. Who knows? You may find better deals elsewhere.

Malls in Yongsan electronics market usually open at 10:00 am and close at 7 or 8 pm (Monday to Saturday). Except for I’Park mall, most malls do not open on Sunday.


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